Challenges in the local economy forces changes

The challenges in today’s economy forces us to rethink how we go about our everyday lives. Some of us may be insulated from the layouts and financial ruins, but many are having to tighten the belt and look for alternatives in terms of making a living and keeping family together.

Listening to the market, all sectors of the market, is key to understanding the “whys” of the change. Housing affects jobs, affects gasoline, affects everyday purchases affect the necessities and the luxuries of life. 

Philanthropy in the valley has changed. But there are still some that feel that “until I make it financially, I don’t have the time or money to give.” Too often this, “give back to the community” attitude puts the “me” before “we” and the entire community gets the back seat. Instead of “giving back to the community” we should be a “part of the community”. (“giving back” sounds like one is “taking something away).

We need to reaffirm this perspective and live our lives as a partner working towards the sustainability of our neighborhoods and community.


One response to “Challenges in the local economy forces changes

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